First Vita Plus Melon Health Pack

Traditionally, we think of health in terms of medicines, particularly disease prevention and cure. There are those who think of health only in times of sickness, who are discouraged by the high cost of medicines and who find it too taxing and effort-consuming to drink dietary supplements.

Thus, First Vita Plus Natural Health Drink.

This unique product combines, for the very FIRST time, selected premium leaves of 5 Philippine power herbs, moringa, corchorus, capsicum, amaranthus and ipomoea batatas.

FIRST VITA PLUS is packed to meet your daily requirements of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, anti-oxidants, and immunity enhancing phytochemicals.

Discover the benefits of a vitamin in a drink in refreshing and thirst-quenching melon (canteloupe) flavor. It’s unlike any other vitamin because it leaves no bitter aftertaste in the mouth. It’s convenient to consume because one drink is all you need to enjoy the power packed advantage of First Vita Plus with power herbs.

One sachet has it all! Guaranteed to provide the extra energy boost, protection from stress, and maintenance of wellness, wholeness and well-being.

Net Weight 22g

Ingredients: cane sugar, instant spray dried canteloupe, acidulant, canteloupe concentrate, natural identical flavors, gum, permitted colors, power herbs.

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About firstvitaplusonlineproduct

Contact: Mr. Jim Magbanua 0947-2090-540/ 0977-7059-643 Mission FIRST VITA PLUS is on a mission to open the doors of opportunity for all --breaking the barriers of race, gender, social class, education, religion, profession and even disability. We want success to be reachable, attainable and possible. Description First Vita Plus is your vitamin and vitality in a drink and this website will show you how wellness, wholeness and well-being can be within your reach! Explore the natural wonders of our all natural health drink and get a glimpse of its wonderful goodness through our vibrant visuals that will surely delight the senses. Discover how this unique and first-of-its-kind product can give you a healthy lifestyle and a revitalized body that will surely amaze you with its energy boost, added strength and natural glow. Get to know the formidable team behind this incredible product and learn about their amazing journey towards this innovative discovery. Let our nutritional fact sheet guide you. Learn more about the power packed herbs and see for yourself how this herbal breakthrough can do wonders to your body.
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